Dry Film / Lining analysis are performed as a quality control measure to insure that the Application, Film Properties, Dry film Thickness, Adhesion, and Cure are within the quality control specifications. Additional testing services are also available for surface / substrate treatment, metallurgy, oven/DATA PAQ analysis, and bake cycle productivity. EPA and Air Permit modeling assistance is also available upon request.

Accelerated Lining Compatibility Testing

Standard Compatibility Test:

  • Product screening is done for four months
  • Test cups are used as the primary method of screening because it simulates an open Top Drum i.e.Removable Top.
  • The cups are placed in an environmental room at constant temperature. No humidity is introduced to the room.
  • Each cup is filled approximately three quarters. This gives sufficient liquid levels and vaporphase space.
  • The cups are examined every thirty days until the four month test period is completed.
  • The liquid phase, interface, and vapor phase areas are tested for adhesion, embrittleness, and or failure of the lining at each perusal.
  • Several linings are used in the testing process:
    • Pigmented phenolic
    • Pigmented phenolic modified with Epoxy Resin
    • Pigmented Epoxy modified with phenolic Resin

This combination of linings gives an excellent cross section in determining the proper interior lining.

  • A written lining recommendation is made after the Four Month Compatibility Tests are completed.

An alternate to test cups is used if the product is highly volatile or if oxidation will cause a problem at the 120°-130°F temperature. We use lined Steel Coupons (6 inch strips), immerse the coupon into the liquid product being screened, and use glass jars that have an exellent seal. We evaluate the Steel Coupons the same way the test cups are done and send a written Recommendation after the four month test program.

Rapid Compatibility Test

Product screening is done for four weeks @ 165° F. Using the identical Standard Compatibility test procedures. Our fifteen year testing history and statistics show this test to be 99% accurate. This is done only when immediate recommendations are needed and is run concurrently with the Standard Compatibility Test.

Conventional (Concentrated Viscosity)
Low V.O.C. High Solids (4.3 lbs./gal. and under)
Low V.O.C. High Solids (3.5 lbs./gal. and under)
Low V.O.C. High Solids Waterbase (2.8 lbs./gal. and under)
Linings in low viscosity ready to spray at 110° - 130° F.
Low V.O.C. and Conventional Rollcoat Formulations (2.8 lbs./gal. and under)

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