Whether your lining requirements call for High Emission concentrate or Low V.O.C. compliant coatings, we have a lining to suit your packaging needs. Our industry leading low V.O.C. high Solids "HAPS & TAPS Free" linings are available in either Solvent base or Water base formulations, with ASTM certified V.O.C.'s as low as 2.5 lbs per gallon. All linings manufactured are FDA, USDA, and Kosher certified, and can be directly substituted for all packaging requirements. Custom bake cycles for our LoCure, MidCure, and HiBake linings yield equivalent chemical resistance while affording substantial energy savings and increased unit production. All Low V.O.C. linings are manufactured at low "Ready- to-Spray" viscosities for ease in application. Rollercoat formulations in Low V.O. C. and conventional high emissions are also available.

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