From the outside, all 55-gallon drums look basically the same. But, that's not the real story. It's what's inside that makes them exciting.

They can hold about anything. What you see in its shiny new package on the supermarket shelf could, at some point, have been transported in a pail or drum. Anything from motor oil to popcorn oil, from cola syrup to maple syrup.

But most substances just can't be poured into a drum, sealed, and sent. That's where KNS comes onto the scene. KNS is the leading manufacturer of specialized chemical coatings that are applied to coat the the insides of drums and protect what's in them from what holds them. KNS is now the largest lining manufacturer in the world.

That cola syrup never contacts the drum itself. It arrives at its destination as pure as when it started out. And because of the huge variety of products that can be poured into a drum, KNS has developed a full range of coatings, FDA, USDA, and Kosher certified, to assure safe passage.

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